Excerpt from Video Online & Share to Social Network Instantly


Downloading/Video-Making/Uploading Hassle-Free
Want to share excerpts from long video clips, but have to take long time to download video clips, make new video clip with a video editor and upload to a video hosting server? NOT anymore when you do the job here. All are web based, instant, NO download, NO video-making, NO upload needed. Furthermore, you can attach your own comments, either by typing text or by recording your voice to the excerpts. You can always slide the seek-bar of the video to wherever you want and then choose to mark the start, or the end, or record your speech or type text. Each time is clicked, the starting time of the excerpt is overridden by the last one. As shown by the DEMO, it's pretty easy to make excerpts and share the clip made from these excerpts. Browser Chrome, Mac Safari, Microsoft Edge, Opera(64bit) & Firefox perform the best for this application. Currently, videos on youtube.com, youku.com, dailymotion.com, v.qq.com, sina.com, and ifeng.com are supported.

Paint on Video: You can paint on the video after is clicked and video is paused with a pen of which the color and size are customizable.

Copy/Paste Image to Video: You can paste a copied image to the video after is clicked and video is paused. The pasted image can be placed at any point on the video screen. The image can be copied from web via 'copy image' or from an image editor or from screenshot saving. Here is How to:
1) Pause the video where you want to paste an image.
2) Copy an image from whatever image sources you have.
3) Right click the subtitle text box, click 'Paste', then you will see the copied image shown on the video screen, click on the video screen, at wherever you want the top left corner of the image to locate. You can use mouse wheel to scroll up/down the image size or rotate the image to any angle. After an image is pasted, you will see an icon , in this case you can scroll up/down the size of the image, click on the icon you will see another icon , in this case, you can rotate the image with mouse wheel.
4) Click on the to make the pasted image permenent or to erase it.

Draw Text on Video: After is clicked and video is paused, type text in the subtitle box, then instead of clicking to add the text as subtitle, click the point on the video where you want the text to print.

Convert Speech to Text: If you find it neccesary to convert a piece of speech in the video to text, even to text in a different language other than the spoken language, you can simply do it by clicking button where the speech finished, then the speech from the time 10 seconds before this point will be converted to text!
Select the target text language to which you want to convert the speech:

Dubbing: You can mix a video with another audio, i.e. replace the original audio of a video with an audio file from another url simply by doing these:
1) Play the video, click on at the start of the video to mark the start;
2) Copy the url of the substitution audio;
3) Clicking on the text box when you want the substitution audio to end at the current time of the video;
4) Paste the url of the audio file to the text box and then click on ,
5) Click on to mark the end of the video, that's it!

A Brief Screen Recording Demo

Tips: How to get url for a facebook video: 1) click the video 2)on browser address box, change www.facebook.com to m.facebook.com, then go to that address 3) play the video and right click the video to get video Url 4)copy/paste the video url to cite.video url box.

How to get video url from 腾讯视频: